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The Cloud can solve all your business challenges.

Even the ones you didn’t know you had.

From virtual desktops to Cloud phone systems and colocation, we offer a full range of Cloud products and services that simultaneously increase productivity and cut costs.

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Our Solutions in the Field

Challenge: A limo and car service was unable to reach its full potential because their drivers had to be in the office to use scheduling programs.

Solution: Desktop as a Service. Drivers can now access the company's computers from their phones or tablets giving them more time to serve customers.

Challenge: A creative agency was dealing with an old phone system. Handsets were breaking and the phone server was going down, so client calls weren't coming through and research calls could not be made.

Solution: Hosted Voice. The agency can now count on a reliable Cloud-based phone system - which included new handsets - without having to purchase a new server.

Challenge: An apparel startup was quickly gaining popularity and the owner needed to present the business in a more professional way.

Solution: Office 365. The company secured a custom domain plus Office applications, allowing them to confidently present and pitch to potential resellers and investors. With help from our expert technicians, the company easily migrated all of their files and contacts to Office 365.

Challenge: A law firm saw an increase in overseas clientele. They needed an easy way to work remotely and were concerned about the security of the case files the lawyers carried when they traveled.

Solution: Desktop as a Service. Case files no longer live on individual lawyers' devices. Instead, they're housed on a secure server and can be accessed from laptops, tablets or mobile devices.

Challenge: A publisher on a traditional phone system kept incurring unexpected expenses, including expensive software upgrades and hardware replacement.

Solution: Hosted Voice. Their new Cloud phone system comes with a predictable monthly cost, and the publisher no longer needs to pay to patch fixes or new phones.

Challenge: A health care provider had an on-premise server to house patient data and records, but it occasionally went down and they worried about the safety of the data.

Solution: Cloud-Based Colocation Service. Data is now housed in a high-security data center with stringent environmental controls and frequent data backups, allowing the company to adhere to compliance requirements.